CP Patrick (cppatrick.com)

Author of The Truth About Awiti

"I had the pleasure of working with Emma on my debut novel, The Truth About Awiti. In addition to the regular demands for proofreading and editing, I was under a serious time constraint. Emma far exceeded my expectations. Her edits were meticulous and timely, a difficult task given the level of editing that was required. I still cringe to think that I almost published my novel without her review and critique. Emma found inconsistencies, fixed my horrible past-present participle issues, and made very helpful comments. Her costs for the services that she provides are beyond reasonable. Among the positive feedback I have received for The Truth About Awiti is how clean and well-written it is (thank you, Emma!) If you are on the fence about hiring a professional copyeditor, trust me--you need one. And I highly recommend Emma for her professionalism, attention to detail, and overall passion and commitment to the art of writing. I look forward to working with her on future projects. Thanks again, Emma!"

Gregory Stock (gregorystock.net)

Author of The Book of Questions, Redesigning Humans, and Metaman

"I highly recommend Emma. She is a terrific editor who has a nice touch and is thorough, reliable, and fast. She not only does a solid job, she meets the timelines she commits to. I’ve used her for two books now and will do so again."

Randy Carlisle

Author of Journey to the Black

"Emma was not the first editor to whom I presented my novel. In fact, I presented my novel to two other editors prior to settling on Ms. Simmons as the perfect choice for my work. The first was an old English professor. While offering some sound advice, he was more interested in insulting my work than in fixing it. The second editor, a more traditional one, insisted on changing specific word choices and conforming my novel to her style, rather than adhering to the work and communicating with me regarding changes.  Ms. Simmons involved me in every aspect of the work and helped me to make important corrections I otherwise would certainly have missed. Understanding that writers tend to fall in love with their work, she was able to ensure the tone and quality of the effort while making adjustments that made the work clearer, more concise, and more suited for publication, while keeping in mind the eccentricities of the author (in this case me). She not only fixed grammar and spelling errors, but plot holes and clarity errors as well. Her attention to detail saved me what would surely have been an embarrassing presentation yet maintained the integrity of my work; that effort on her part was priceless. The cost of this outstanding service was extremely reasonable (I think she undercharged me), which was a major contribution in making my project doable. I cannot praise her efforts enough."

Jennifer Thornhill

"I hired Emma several times over a two month period to edit my doctoral dissertation (a 45,000 word document). Her work was superior in every way.  She responded to each of my requests in a very timely manner--always returning the edited work on schedule (and usually ahead of schedule).  She carefully reviewed the style guidelines that I provided to her, asked for clarification as necessary, and thoroughly edited each portion of my document to ensure that the writing was clear, accurate, and conformed to all of the guidelines.  After she completed her edits to my dissertation, I submitted it to a committee of five professors for their review.  This review committee did not find a single thing that needed further editing--a very rare occurrence when it comes to review of doctoral dissertations. I can't say enough great things about the work that Emma did, and I plan to hire her again as I begin to convert my dissertation into manuscripts for publication in professional journals."

D.W. Brown

Author of Lost Time, To Know Death, and The Hum

"Emma edited my novel, To Know Death, and did an excellent job. She was very knowledgeable and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone needing editing help. She worked as an intern with one of my publisher's and was the best and brightest editor there. Highly recommend!!!"

Angela Webster

"One of Emma's biggest strengths is editing. She has edited countless of my papers and stories in a timely manner. She always takes her job seriously and shows a great attitude while doing so. Throughout the editing process, she would often consult my opinion, which is something that I have always appreciated. If she suggested something that I did not feel comfortable with, she would immediately ask how I would like it done and work with me from there. Not only is she a very detailed editor, she can still meet her deadline with ease. As a result, I end up with a paper that exceeds my expectations in a prompt manner. [Emma] always strives to do her best in everything that is put in front of her."

Romuald Dzemo


"I had been submitting previous manuscripts to agents who would respond with the oft dreaded pass, but when Emma Simmons worked on the book, two agents asked for the manuscript, and I was able to land a contract with the first agent that I queried. In addition to her keen attention to detail, Emma works with passion, offering critiques and suggestions that will make any work better and bring it to the industry standards. I found her insights very helpful. I highly recommend her."

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