• Copy Editing: Your document has already been professionally edited and just needs another pair of eyes to ensure there are no additional typographical, word usage, spelling, or punctuation errors. Awkward sentences, if any, will be edited for clarity and grammar.
  • Light Developmental Editing: This level includes copy editing (checking for grammar, punctuation, etc.) with the addition of checking for plot holes, inconsistencies, and general flow and organization. Redundancies and oft-repeated vocabulary will be edited as well, and awkward sentences will be rewritten.
  • Heavy Developmental Editing: Your draft is full of great ideas, but it would benefit from a major overhaul. I do everything that I do with light editing. The difference is how much work I’m putting in and how much I’m rewriting. Heavy edits usually require I go through the draft twice, once to do all the major work and the second time to check the flow and make sure I haven’t missed anything. Your final draft will be polished and ready for publication.

Note: You must contact me and send me your draft before I will agree to provide my services, and so I can give you a fee and timeline. I will determine if you need light editing or heavy editing by looking at your entire draft (often a sample is far cleaner than the rest of the draft, which, in my experience, has been misleading). I do not charge for this initial skim/review.

Once we have agreed on a fee, I require a deposit before beginning edits, which will be determined by the level of editing needed for your project. I will not start on your project until this first payment has been received. In addition, I will create a Letter of Agreement that must be signed, dated, and returned before I will begin editing.

I accept payment through Paypal or Square Cash. If using Paypal, please use the “Send to a Friend” option so that I am not charged an unnecessary fee for shipping. If you do not use “Send to a Friend” and I am charged a fee as a result, you will be asked to compensate!

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